Assisted Living

Dedicated to providing a high level of individualized care, each one of our residents at Sunny Rose Glen are assessed for specific personal needs. We are happy to offer many in house medical services through different medical specialists in the area. Services such as medical, dental, eye/ear/foot care, physical therapy and hospice can all be partners in our care process. We also invite and encourage each resident to participate in our recreational, social, and personalized activity programs. Recognizing that our residents’ needs come first, we respect their right to privacy and dignity. Offering personal assistance to each one of our residents while encouraging them to maintain their independence and free choice is a top priority for us.

We embrace a strong continuous communication network with our residents, family members and staff. Providing education to staff and family members through communication, classes and other programs is paramount to fostering a close team of care providers for our residents. Our experienced and well-trained staff have attended the Glen University Assisted Living Senior Care Training Program. Our GU program includes many classes including Medication Management, ADLs, Nutrition, Age-Related Changes, Vital Signs, Physician and Pharmacys' role in Assisted Living, and Signs and Symptons of Dementia.

And because meal times can become a very important highlight in our residents’ day, we continually strive to offer well balanced and nutritious food choices. Our Signature Mac and Cheese and Signature Walnut and Grape Tuna Salad are a favorite among residents and staff. And with our 24-hour Bistro available, you can come by The Fountain Grill at any time and find something to fill your hunger needs. Our chefs always welcome our residents’ input and recipe suggestions as we strive to make every meal special!

The Parlor at Sunny Rose Glen, beauty salon, is also available for the pampering of your nails, feet and hair care.